Sunday, May 30, 2010

Outsourcing for Virtual Office Solutions

The technology era has brought a rapidly changing lifestyle to the world. One of the growing trends is the idea of virtual office. This idea basically cuts off on traditional office costs. It is a business and technological innovation that offers convenience and allows mobility on conducting business without sacrificing professionalism. Virtual office solutions such as communication services or space services are offered in this kind of business idea.

Communication services offer services about almost everything that you can do with communication, from appointment setting to event planning, managing phone calls to word processing or encoding. Communication services include answering services which involves receiving or sending out messages through telephones or mobile phones. Another one is a virtual receptionist. This is a group of trained customer service professionals that helps you out whenever you are on vacation or during off office hours. Virtual assistant has become greatly in demand in this line of service as well. Virtual Assistants provide administrative or technical support to businesspersons. Virtual assistants rarely meet their clients in person and they usually work at home or from their own places. Voicemails are also one of the simple virtual office solutions. This kind of service is cost effective and allows you to store electronic voice messages. However, voicemail is not an effective way in customer service relations because they may be irritating and disappointing at times.

Aside from that, among the virtual office solutions are space services. This kind of service aims to minimize cost and maximize space. One service is online file hosting, this allows you to save gigantic files, which you cannot save in your iphones or any other mobile gadgets, while it gives access to these files anytime of the day and anywhere in the world. This kind of service allows you to take advantage of the gift of unlimited space and mobility. Another solution to your virtual office need is professional or mailing address. This kind of service lets you have an office address where you can receive, forward or send out mails using a prominent business address. Business meeting spaces are also included in the space services of online offices. This kind of services provides you with a suitable place for weekly, monthly or annual meetings or conferences. Casual workspaces are also available in this kind of service. Casual workspaces set you free from the distraction of a home based job and co-working. This space can be rented hourly.

These are just some virtual office solutions you can use to make life and business much more flexible and easier for you.


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  2. This is a great post! do you know of any good location in london for virtual offices?

  3. A virtual office really can have many benefits for a business so can be a good cost saving solution.

  4. A Virtual Office space provide everything you need to run your business, without the actual office. It’s great if you travel often, and don’t want to work out of hotels and coffees hops. It’s great if you’re trying to cut costs, or you want to give your employees the opportunity to be more flexible and to maintain a work/life balance better.